MUHS Research Database (MRDB)
Index NoTitleDate of Submission
3215 MSP- 9 Association of Genetic Polymorphisms of Cytochrome P450 2C19, ABCB1, P2Y12, Prakruti & Response to Clopidogrel in Normal Health Participant. 12-09-2016
3214 MSP- 9 A case-Control Study to Assess the Prevalence and Association of Different Paraoxonase 1 (PON 1) Polymorphisms and its Activity with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). 12-09-2016
3213 MSP-9 A Retrospective Study To Evaluate Drug Inventory Management at Tertiary Care Hospital, Mumbai. 12-09-2016
3212 MSP- 9 A Prospective Observational Study On Drug Prescribing Trends In Adults At Dermatology OPD In Tertiary Care Hospital, Mumbai. 12-09-2016
3211 MSP- 8 An Observational study to assess the pattern of antibiotics prescribed to in-patient in paediatric tertiary care hospital, Mumbai. 12-09-2016
3210 MMSP- 8 Observational Prospective study of antibacterial utilization in patients admitted to intensive care unit (Medicine) in KEM Hospital, Mumbai. 12-09-2016
3209 MSP- 8 Geographic Variation in the clinical manifestations treatment and outcome of P.Vivax malaria in tertiary care hospital in Mumbai. 12-09-2016
3208 msp- 8 Climatic Factors Temperature and Rainfall influencing the number of Malaria fever and Dengue Fever cases in a Tertiary care hospital in Mumbai. 12-09-2016
3207 MSP- 8- Cross-sectional, prospective, observational study of prescription pattern in de-addition centre of tertiary care hospital. 12-09-2016
3206 MSP- 8 Observational study of vision related quality of life in diabetic Retino pathy patient in KEM Hospital. 12-09-2016
3205 MSP- 7 Prospective, observational study to assess knowledge, attitude, awareness, and satisfaction of patients advised for PFT in KEM Hospital, Mumbai 12-09-2016
3204 MSP - 7 I) A cross Sectional, Observational Study Of Monitoring The Adverse Drug Reactions To Arsenate Therapy In A Tertiary Case Hospital In Mumbai II) Cross sectional, observational study to evaluate prevalence and severity of ADR’s receiving ART in HIV patients attending ART OPD in KEM Hospital, Mumbai 12-09-2016
3203 MSP- 7 Cross-sectional prospective observational study of assessment of drug prescription pattern in patients with cerebrovascular accidents (stroke) in IPD medicine department at KEM Hospital 12-09-2016
3202 MSP- 7 Observational cross-sectional study of assessment and comparison of quality of life in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in IPD of medicine department at KEM Hospital, Mumbai 12-09-2016
3201 MSP- 7 Epidemiology of Iron-Deficiency anaemia in adolescent-girls with Iron-Folic Acid supplement peruses natural iron containing food material in anaemic girls. ‘Retrospective cross-sectional study of Review of Dengue cases in IPD with Reference to Treatment, Monitoring & Outcome in KEM Hospital, Mumbai.’ 12-09-2016


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